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Otoscan – 3D Digital Ear Scanning

We pride ourselves in having versatility with offering the most up to date technology that will be most suitable to your hearing needs. We are proud to announce that we are now offering the latest technology with taking ear impressions thanks to Otoscan – 3D Ear Scanning by Otometrics.

Otoscan is the first 3D ear scanning solution which allows us to make digital impressions for custom in-the-ear pieces such as earmolds and hearing aids.

The Procedure:

The process is quick, simple, and pain free. We secure a headband over the ear and use the Otoscan’s laser probe to capture the shape of the ear canal and outer portions of the ear, creating a 3D image. During the scanning process, you can see live video footage of your ear canal. The overall process generally takes less than three minutes per ear.


Compared to silicon impressions, the Otoscan is a less invasive procedure. We remove the silicone and foam stop that is required to produce an ear impression, and replace it all with a laser probe which scans the ear. We also remove the risks that may be associated with traditional silicone ear impressions.

Turnaround times for devices are greatly reduced because we are able to instantly send the scan to the manufacturer, eliminating delays when compared to shipping ear impressions. Increasing patient comfort and decreasing time spent waiting for custom in-the-ear pieces are all now improved with the utilization of Otoscan – 3D Ear Scanning.

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